The Agenda for the 2021 AGM and the 2021 Directors report are attached, for the information of our members



Wednesday 26th August 2020

AGOA would like to announce and welcome Shane Oset to AGOA management team. We would also like to take this time to thank Brian Balzamo for his work during his tender on AGOA management team 



Saturday 15th August 2020

QGOA return to play guidelines being used by QLD for their upcoming season. This is not exhaustive and is not going to meet all States needs, without further review and changes, due to the vast variation throughout Australia.

Our thanks to Mark Looi and the QGOA for making this available.

A review of changes to MOFO due to COVID will follow in the coming weeks.



Thursday 30th July 2020


In accordance with AGOA constitution, notice is hereby given of our intention to hold our Annual General Meeting for 2020 on Sunday  23rd August at 7 pm AEST via conference call.

The business of the meeting will be to:
1. Approve the minutes of the previous SGM.
2.  Approve the minutes of the previous AGM.
3. Adopt the annual report.  (To be forwarded shortly).
4. Conduct an election for three Directors to 2-year terms (Nominations must be received by 7 pm Sunday 9th August).

At the close of the meeting, we will leave the call open for discussion around the resumption of football, including topics such as Covid-19, 2020 registrations, and other matters as necessary.

Voting at a General meeting is by the ordinary members, which for us means those members with Level 1 and higher qualification who are registered and financial with AGOA at the time of the meeting. Registration details will be forwarded prior to Friday 7th August 2020.

Each year at the AGM, three Directors are elected for 2-year terms.  The Directors Miles Newman, Pam Pellizzari and Brian Balzamo have terms expiring this year, but all are eligible for re-election.  Directors elected this year will serve until the 2022 AGM.

Any ordinary member of AGOA (as per above description) may nominate to be a director by submitting an email advising their intent for nomination. This must be seconded by another ordinary member via a separate email.  The nominees may also submit other details such as a CV or a cover letter that will be distributed to ordinary members prior to the meeting.  All nominations should be received by 7 pm Sunday 9th August.  

All correspondence regarding this meeting and nominations should be sent to  A final agenda and details of nominations will be sent out on 10th August.

Conference call invitations will be sent out no later than Friday 21st August 2020.


Brian Harwood

AGOA Secretary

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